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Horde or Sloth?

Are the hamsters, or are they bears? The world may never know.

Random factoid: a group of hamsters is called a horde, and a group of bears is a sloth or sleuth. I love the hamsters in Knitting Mochimochi and thought they would make awesome cat toys. The first one I made was the same size as in the book, but Allister almost swallowed it. So I decided to make them with size 3 needles instead of the called for size 1. Perfect size in the cats’ opinion, big enough that Ally can’t eat them, and small enough to still fit in Kiko’s mouth. However, when I made the white ones, they looked more like polar bears than hamsters. Especially because I changed how the legs are made.

Grey has looped I-cord and white is just wrapped yarn.

In the book, the legs are just straight I-cords pulled through the body. Tiny I-cords are a pain in the butt, in my opinion, and I thought the cats might just pull them out and eat them. At first I just looped the I-cord under to make little stub legs, which are the greys above. That was way too time consuming for a cat toy. So with the white ones, I did the same thing as the ears and tails; wrapping the yarn around a few stitches. Much faster, and if you leave long enough tails when you cast on and off, you don’t have to cut extra yarn to make all of those parts. But now I think they look more like little bears then hamsters. The cats love them no matter what I call them, so I guess it doesn’t matter too much. It is quite hard to take photos with Kiko around, she has a sixth sense for catnip.

She thought she could just sneak off with one mid-photo.

I’m using Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool to make them. I didn’t really want the cats nomming on acrylic, especially because they are really rough on catnip toys. Fishermen’s Wool is 100% pure virgin wool that still has some lanolin in it. Lanolin makes it really nice to work with and also makes a really soft end product. I also love the giant size of the skein. I could make millions thousands of hamsters/bears out of one skein if I felt so inclined. So what do you think, hamsters or bears?

Wonderful stuff, and really inexpensive to boot.


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My name is Amy, and I love all things designish and crafty. I also love unraveling sweaters, Cadbury's chocolate, and squirrels.

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  1. I so need to buy the mochi mochi land book! I love the hamsters!

  2. I say hamsters. After all, you have heard of Teddy Bear hamsters! So so cute and tiny.


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