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Hooray for organized knitting!

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Well, organized needles anyway. My sister and I have been thinking about making some roll up knitting needle cases, that nicely organizes all of them by size and are labeled as such. The ones that house my grandma’s collection don’t really organize them at all, and the one roll up is so worn it barely does the job any more. And of course that roll up isn’t labeled.

So imagine my delight when I discovered the bbbcraft sisters tutorial for one over at Design*Sponge today. Theirs is a bit boring in that neural color, but its not like that couldn’t be remedied. I’m thinking a nice bold print on the outside and a coordinating solid on the inside. Then maybe I would get fancy and appliqué the numbers on, or perhaps just embroider them on if I’m feeling less fancy (or more likely, lazy). We have quite a collection of crochet hooks, so they might need their own as well.

It will be so lovely to find a specific size without having to dig around in the needle pile, and in some cases use our little metal sizing chart to figure out what size they are. I’m looking at you double points. So this is now been added to my to-sew list.



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  1. Hey, this looks like a great project – can’t wait to see your rendition.


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