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10 Things I Love

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1. Love this quote by Dr. Seuss. 

2. Natsumi Hayashi’s levitation self portrait photos. Good little interview of her over at My Modern Met.

3. P.S.-I made this… I love her quick collage tutorials with inspiration boards.

4. Easter time because that means its Cadbury eggs time.

5. This tutorial on how to make your own creme eggs.

6. Adam Watson’s Seussified Star Wars.

7. li xiaofeng’s “clothing” designs {via designboom}

8. This idea of Boston Cream pie in cupcake form. These are going on my to-bake list.

9. Dahlia flower tutorial over at Holidash.

10. Mini donuts. I usually don’t like things that have only one purpose, but I will make an exception for a mini donut pan. {via Sprinkle Bakes}




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My name is Amy, and I love all things designish and crafty. I also love unraveling sweaters, Cadbury's chocolate, and squirrels.

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