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Ultimate Cheesecakes and more

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Turtle Cheesecake

The first class of the day yesterday was Ultimate Cheesecakes taught by Lacey Lee Berry. We learned all of the secrets to make amazing cheesecake as well as develop our own recipes. I can’t wait to try it out. Cheesecakes are something I love but have never actually tried to bake.  Apparently you can freeze them for up to two months, which is further incentive because then I don’t have to eat it all at once.

Vanilla bean with strawberries

Little Oreo cheesecake.

Reece's Cup, didn't get to try this one, but it looked good.

We got to try Oreo, Snickers, vanilla bean and lemon raspberry cheesecakes. I was really impressed with the candy ones, I usually don’t like chocolate cheesecakes of any kind, but these were fab. The other secret we learned was using a plastic cheese knife to cut things like cream cheese and Snickers, it doesn’t stick at all. So of course we had to go to Bosch and get one.

Yay samples!

The second class was on making box gardens. A Year of Marriage has a pretty good explanation of how it works. My class was just a lecture, so there aren’t any pictures. It really is a great way to have a garden in a small space, and you can grow some pretty diverse things in one box.

The things that are different from AYoM is you should put a weed barrier at the bottom, so you don’t have to weed at all. And someone in class mentioned putting wool on top of the weed barrier and the correct level of soil on top. The wool absorbs moisture and holds it, so that is useful in dry climates like Utah, and it acts as an insulator which helps plants when it gets colder. I told K that this would be perfect for her backyard, so this might be a project for when the weather is warmer.

And the last class of the day was on how to turn old boots into purses. It isn’t all that complicated, so I’m going to have to dig up an old pair of boots at the thrift store and try it out.

Almost everything you need for this is right here. So not a lot.

I wonder what non-cowboy boots would look like as a purse.

The very last part of the busy day was the musical 1776, which was quite hilarious, especially considering it is about how the Declaration of Independence came about.

I’m teaching my bleach t-shirt class today. I’m really hoping the weather is good, it got windy towards late afternoon. As you can imagine, spraying bleach plus wind could equal bad things. There may be a post up about it on Saturday, or I might save today and Saturday until Monday. We shall see.


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