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Fat Cats Part 2

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(Sorry for the late post, I have sick kitties and camera troubles. Oh joy.)

I’ve been working on the Fat Cat wall hanging almost non stop since Leadermete. I have three of them completely done and am really close on the other three.

The blue one makes me laugh. He is fatter than the rest because I cut him out funny and left it that way.

I was going to try to machine appliqué them since that would be faster, but I just couldn’t get the hang of it. So I’m doing it all by hand. I should have used a hoop though, because I have some puckering going on.

Cut out & ready to iron.




Once these are done, I’m going to have K help me out with sashing. I’ve never done it before and don’t really feel like messing it up. I might use the leftover background to do a piano key border.


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My name is Amy, and I love all things designish and crafty. I also love unraveling sweaters, Cadbury's chocolate, and squirrels.

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  1. when you are done appliqueing them iron them and that will help a little with the puckering


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