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Fat Cats Update

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I’ve gotten it all sewn together! After some discussion, I’ve decided to dye the border fabric to make it more grey than stark white. I love the flowers in it, but the white is just to strong. Hopefully it will be a nice tone on tone effect.

Now that the cats are creeping towards completion, I’m going to start planning the next project.

These are the fabrics I bought to make the knitting needle case. I got them when I got the background fabric for the cats. They were in the discount pre-cut bin, which is always a good thing. The brown will form the pockets on the inside, and then I’m going to embroider or appliqué the numbers on.

I love the vintagey feel of this fabric.  I’ll try to remember to take pictures of the fabric dyeing process. I haven’t over-dyed fabric in a long time, so we shall see how it goes.


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My name is Amy, and I love all things designish and crafty. I also love unraveling sweaters, Cadbury's chocolate, and squirrels.

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