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Fat Cats Part 4

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When I went to Micheal’s last, I bought black and pearl grey Rit Dye for the border fabric.  We finally got to dyeing yesterday. K has an excellent laundry room for such things, so we did it at her house. That and I hadn’t been over in a while.

I love her 'smart' washer and dryer.

These were our ‘tools’, at first we were thinking about dyeing it in the bucket, but the fabric wouldn’t be about to move about freely. We decided to use her sink instead, which we had also used to tea dye fabrics in the past. It is just a good sink for that sort of thing.

We cut two strips of the fabric, one for the before, and the other to test and see if we liked the color before taking the plunge and dyeing the whole fabric.

The test strip turned out well, so it was on to the whole fabric. We actually measured the correct amount of dye and water, (and pre-wetted the fabric, which is important), because the whole packet dyes 3 yards of fabric and I had 1 3/4 yards.

After a lot of stirring, we ended up with this.

It seemed too light, so we decided to add some black dye. I didn’t really measure the ‘correct’ amount this time, I just threw in a teaspoon of dye.

Jon was 'helping' the whole time.

And Bongo, the evil one herself, was supervising.

I’m quite pleased with the results. It just needed to be a bit darker. Oddly enough, Rit black is a purple black, so the end color is a pearly, purpley black.

After and Before

After a quick trip through the dryer, the fabric was ready to cut. K and I decided that three inches was a good border width, so I cut out four 3 1/2″ strips.

I put the side borders on first, and then the top and bottom. The next step is to figure out how it is going to be quilted. For the binding, I’m going to sew the background fabrics together.

I think I’m going to Petco to find the bells for the collars. I’m pretty sure they sell them separately, and in many colors. It feels good to have this project almost done after having it sit on the shelf for so many years.



(Sorry this is going up so late, it looks like I didn’t hit the schedule post button and thus it didn’t get posted.)


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